A tale as old as time… and what better day to celebrate it than on Independent Bookstore Day at Keystone Books! Join us on April 27th from 10:30am – 12:30pm for the chance to paint your very own Beauty and the Beast decorative platter! After your done, you can use these as decoration or for parties. The choice is yours!

Tickets for Beauty and the Beast Fallen Rose Platter ($28.99): https://oygworkshop.com/product/beauty-and-the-beast-fallen-rose-platter-pottery-workshop-4-27-19/

Tickets for Belle and the Beast Platter: ($25.99): https://oygworkshop.com/product/belle-and-the-beast-platter-pottery-workshop-4-27-19/

The ticket you choose for the workshop includes your platter, the use of our paint, the use of our studio space and to get your platter fired.

A teacher will also be present to help assist you with this project and with any questions you might have.

Pickup date for your pottery piece(s) will be Saturday, May 4th.

You MUST reserve your ticket 72 hours before the day of the event.

Would you like to host your very own party? Contact us at 740-474-7526 for more details!

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