Did you know that we have about 42 different mugs to choose from to paint? Well, now you can join us in our Orange You Glad Workshop for an evening out to choose and paint your very own mug!

Choose any mug you like – from pumpkin mugs, dragon mugs, llama mugs, tall mugs, short mugs, goofy mugs, animal mugs, creative mugs… the options are endless!

Prices for mugs range anywhere from $11 – $35 and the cost on your mug includes your use of paint, studio space, and to get your piece fired.

Reserving ahead of time is not required, but if there is a mug you’d like to pay ahead for to ensure that it will be here for you, give us a call at 740-474-7526 to reserve it, or stop into our store during our normal business hours.

Pickup for your pottery will be Saturday, May 4th.

Would you like to host your very own pottery party? Makes a great idea for birthdays, Christmas, business parties and more. Contact us at 740-474-7526 for more details!

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